David Cameron should be forced to live on the dole for a year

I should probably apologise for posting so much today. Having started this blog a few weeks ago I seem to have created a storm of mental effluvia. I find myself wandering about spontaneously writing poems or ranting to myself in response to the most mundane crap.

I’m sure it will die down soon enough, and then I will mourn this period of creative mania. Meanwhile I must at least have a small rant at one of today’s headlines.

It seems Cameron and his conservative cronies are to cut benefits by another £10billion.

My simple question is this. Why does the government always seem to find ‘great’ reasons for not penalising the rich, but has no qualms taking even more from the poor?

Force the rich to pay tax – oh but they’ll just take their money elsewhere. Force banks not to pay obscene bonuses – oh but they’ll never find anyone to work for them (because what idiot would work for just the £1.5million basic, it’s f-ing slavery). Prevent MP’s conning expenses for second homes – oh but they need two houses – even if some people have no house at all.

“How about we take more money from the poor?”

“Won’t people get upset if we do that?”

“No, no, no. All we need to do is stop calling them poor and start calling them scroungers.”

“That won’t work, surely?”

“Why not? We avoid investing in rehabilitative justice by calling criminals scum. We avoid investment in schools by blaming ‘bad parents’ for their children’s illiteracy. We avoid investment in health by calling sick people ‘work-shy’.”

“Perhaps your right.”

“Of course I am, trust me. £10 billion savings from the scroungers.”

“But aren’t they the ones paying for all the bank bailouts?”

“So? What are they going to do, vote us out!”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. The poor having a vote… oh, ho ho ho…”

“Fish in a barrel dear boy!”

Maybe if Cameron was forced to live on the dole for a year he might wake up and realise what an overprivileged **&* &8£$ &@^%£$^@£&* he is right now and stop crushing the disenfranchised under his smug, plastic-coated face.

God I want him to feel pain!!


The world is insane and I'm in writing therapy!

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