Power and why it is axiomatically a bad thing

Power is that which is desired by people unable to get what they want with love.

Power can only be used to enforce the will of one person onto another. Since we all want better lives, then better lives do not need forcing onto people. Therefore power is only needed if one wishes to force a worse life onto someone.

Power is only used when the ability to persuade is lost, therefore when the argument is lost, therefore when that which is desired is inarguably not good.

Power is only ever desired by people who are not fit to wield it. To want power is to have a self which serves only itself.

No-one in power can represent those who are not in power, because being in power separates you from a life of powerlessness – and therefore from understanding that life.

Being in power of itself disables one from making good decisions. Choices become distorted by the desire to maintain power.

Once there was a dream, and power was seized to enable the dream. Then power made its bearer intoxicated and giddy. Power itself became the goal and the dream was lost.


4 thoughts on “Power and why it is axiomatically a bad thing

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  1. Have you read any Douglas Adams? In one of the stories in the Hitchiker “trilogy”, there is the person that is in charge of all the universe. He is hilarious; he is unsure of everything. He won’t even say things like “the sky is big” or “the sky is blue” because he is sure of nothing, and that is precisely why he is in control of everything. He lives on his own planet somewhere off in the galaxy, or something like that. Anyway, this reminded me of that. Great points!

  2. Hi Jennifer, yes I have read DA, I love that sort of stuff – funny but smart too. It’s been a long time but I vaguely recall. I agree too. I think we should have MP’s like we have a jury. Random people, maximum term 2 years. Then people from every kind of life would be making the decisions – and they couldn’t just pretend to ‘know’ what to do because daddy put them through Eton 🙂 Thanks for the comment

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